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“When I'm home I'm using the WonderTop every day!
As simple as it is, it really is a game-changer in my kitchen.”

- Chef Eric Villegas; Culinary Specialist, Taste of Home Cooking Schools &
Host of Emmy-Winning “Fork in the Road” on PBS

Dear Sticky Counter Tops...
It's not you.. it's me. We've just grown apart. I don't have the time to pick up carrot ends that have shot across the counter anymore. I just don't find fruit juices dripping between the stove and cupboards cute anymore. I hope you understand. People change.
Bring your kitchen outside
You deserve to grill without needing to make multiple trips from your kitchen to the outdoors. Prepare your meats on this sterile stainless steel surface and have fun out there.
Entertaining, Indoors or Outdoors
The WonderTop will be your go-to tray for preparing and serving treats for your family and friends indoors and out. After all it is Stainless Steel so it looks great and is a sanitary surface. The best part is that the sides prevent things from sliding off as your walking.