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Clean Cooking

Commercial kitchen functionality at home! The bacteria-free stainless surface and side edges make it the cleanest way to prepare food in your kitchen. No more spills, drips, crumbs, debris etc. It's all contained, clean and sanitary!
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Outdoor Cooking Made Easy

The WonderTop® makes preparing food outdoors clean, easy, and portable! Now your Campsite, RV, Patio, Deck, or Pool can have the same clean surface to prep on as your kitchen. Prepare your grill food indoors and easily carry outside!
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Stylish Entertaining

The WonderTop® is a great tool for entertaining. Snacks, cocktails, and hors d'oeuvres can be cleanly taken from kitchen to living room or patio on a stylish stainless carrying tray. No chance for spills or mess!

Get a High Quality WonderTop® Today! $99.99

Join the growing list of people who have experienced the difference of using the WonderTop. This is a top-quality American-made product and we know you are going to love it!

Dear Sticky Counter Tops...
It's not you.. it's me. We've just grown apart. I don't have the time to pick up carrot ends that have shot across the counter anymore. I just don't find fruit juices dripping between the stove and cupboards cute anymore. I hope you understand. People change.
Bring your kitchen outside
You deserve to grill without needing to make multiple trips from your kitchen to the outdoors. Prepare your meats on this sterile stainless steel surface and have fun out there.
Entertaining, Indoors or Outdoors
The WonderTop will be your go-to tray for preparing and serving treats for your family and friends indoors and out. After all it is Stainless Steel so it looks great and is a sanitary surface. The best part is that the sides prevent things from sliding off as your walking.


  • Just received the WonderTop this afternoon - unbelievably classy! The counter lip fits perfectly, and although I have little counter space, it is accommodated... I would highly recommend this product for folks who want to spend fun time in the kitchen, not the cleaning-up part!. -Laura
  • Ohhhhh yesssss!!! I'm loving the idea of this. I NEED one of these. -Lakienya
  • Worked great at the cabin..  cleaned fish on it right on an old stump...  felt like working in a restaurant right next to the water.. this thing was a great idea -Jason
  • Finally. A cool, actually usable, kitchen tool that my Mom didn't have. Thank you!!!!  (She loves it by the way)
  • We originally thought we'd put it away after use, but we leave it on the island all the time! It looks great and it really surprised us how much we use it!
  • Came packed well in a nice box. The craftsmanship of the tray was of notably high quality. Great product. Would recommend to a friend.
  • What I love most is how it keeps everything contained. Easy Clean-up!